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Carnival game frauds appear on most American midways and have for many years. There are games that are considered gambling and others known as Two Way games where the game operator can make it so you either win or lose.

An example of a two way game could be the one where you use a dowel stick with a string and ring on it to lift a bottle up and stand it up to win. How this works is that most bottles have a heavy and light side. That is how they come out of the mold. With the heavy side down, there is a chance for you to stand it up. If the heavy side is up, the bottle will either roll off the platform or tip over. This is just one example.

The worst game to play is known as a FLAT game. This is the elite of crooked carnival games. Razzle games where they use a point conversion chart to add up your score are ones to keep an eye out for. The game agents will give you half the game by allowing you to have 50 out of the 100 points you need to win. You will never get to the 100 mark.

Another type could be pins you have to knock down using either one or two balls. The distance between the pins is equal too or less than the ball, so your chances of being successful are nil.

Another type of Flat game also uses a bottle to lift up. The bottle is leaning on a couple of pins. You use a tine to lift it and stand it up. If successful, the game operator will push one of ten pennies, on the stand, off of it as you have to do this ten times to win. The same principles of the other bottle game applies here as well. At one point, you will lose and you can decide to continue playing, for a larger fee, or start all over again. You will not win at these games.

In most states, the only games allowed by law are known as Skill games. Some game agents will tell you that their game is a game of skill, but think about this: When shooting basketball, long range, do you notice that the ball is over inflated and the hoops are oval shape and not round?

How about games where you throw plastic rings at a crate of bottles? That is not skill; it is chance, which constitutes gambling. Think about this: You do not have to name the bottle you are throwing too. And, if you do get lucky and actually ring a bottle, it will be one that bounced off the bottle you threw at, and not the one you intended to ring

Skill games mean you can win or lose depending on the level of your skill, without any altercations that will assist or hinder you.

When a game is altered to make a player lose, it no longer is considered a game. It is now a crime as the outcome causes you to lose your money to a deceptive game. Some call it theft and others call it larceny. No matter, it is taking your money under false pretenses.

Many of the games use principles of magic, science and the laws of physics to cheat the player. You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a magician to figure out which ones these are. Using a little common sense and caution will help protect you.

Glenn Hester
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