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Jon Grow
The National Association of Bunco Investigators, Inc.


Suspects posing as legitimate workers approach elderly homeowners at their residences with the intent of gaining entry under a seemingly legit¬imate ruse. The real purpose is to divert the homeowner while accomplices search for currency and jewelry.

Some of the more frequently used ploys, by the suspects, are claims to be from the local electric company, water department, cable company, roofing, paving, or other building trade workers, city inspectors, surveyors, tree trimmers, or government personnel from a Social Service Agency.

In some instances, women and children accompany male suspects and partici¬pate in the diversion of the homeowner.

The suspects may offer a rebate by giving the victim a $100 bill with a request for change. This allows the suspect(s) to determine where the victim keeps currency in the house.

The victim is distracted either inside the house, i.e. turning a light switch on and off, knocking on water pipes, etc.; or outside, i.e. to show the victim damage outside of the home, areas needing repair, deter¬mining property lines, etc.

Once the victim is distracted, the unseen suspects enter the home and remove currency and jewelry. In some cases the suspects have gone as far as to remove safes from the homes.


While many of these offenses are Distraction Theft/Burglaries, an increas¬ing pattern of violence is emerging. Most of the violence occurs when the victim becomes aware of the distraction and tries to prevent the criminals from taking the valuables. In these cases the suspects overcome the resistance of the victim with force and the offense turns into an Assault and Robbery and occasionally Homicide. In the last few years, several suspects appear to incorporate violence in lieu of the distraction as a method of operation.


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