900 Numbers

Advance Fee Fraud

Advance Fee Loans

African Gold Dust Scam

ATM Grab

Au Pair Scam

Bail Bond Scam

Black Money Scam



Bank Examiner

Broken Bottle Scam

Business Opportunities

Caller ID Spoof

Charitable Solicitations

C.O.D. Scam

Confidence Crime & the Banking Industry

Construction Fraud

Counterfeit Goods/Trade Mark Inringement


Country Boy

Credit Repair

Distraction Theft

Diversion Burglary

Door-To-Door Solicitor

Equity Skimming and Real Estate Schemes

Exploitation of the Elderly

Fortune Telling Fraud/Psychic Fraud


Government Service

Grandchild in Distress

Grand Theft

Handkerchief Switch

Help Needed

Home Improvement

Identity Theft

Imposter Burglars

Insurance Fraud

Internet E-Mail Scam

Investment Scams

IRS Energy Rebate, Phishing and Other IRS Related Scams

Jamaican Lottery Scam

Jamaican Switch

Jury Duty Scam

Land Sale

Latin Lotto

Living Trusts

Lottery Scams

Magazine Subscriptions


Metal Theft

Neighbor Assistance

Nigerian Advanced Fee


Pickpocket Diversion

Pigeon Drop

Pocketbook Drop

Police Follow-up Scam

Ponzi Scheme

Product Demonstration

Pyramid Scheme

Quick Change Artist

Recovery Rooms

Retirement Estates

Ruse Entry

Rock in a Box

Sealcoating Scam

Service Technician

South African Switch

Store Diversion

Sweetheart Swindle Con


Texas Twist

Texas Tornado


Three Card Monte

Till Tap

Toner Rooms

Travel Scams

Truck Stop Three Card Monte

Trust Game

Work at Home Plans

Yellow Page Advertising

Latin Lotto


Victims in these cases are normally Hispanic and the suspects are male and female Hispanics. The suspects normally speak only Spanish while playing this offense.

The first suspect, who claims to be looking for an attorney, approaches the victim on the street. The suspect goes on to say that he has a winning lottery ticket but is afraid to cash it as he is in the country illegally. The second suspect joins the scenario and the story is told again. The first suspect either offers to pay the two a substantial amount of money or sell them the winning ticket at a great discount for assistance in cashing the ticket. Once the victim agrees to help, the suspect claims to want proof that they know how to handle money or needs currency to purchase or redeem the ticket and induces the victim to withdraw several thousand dollars. Once the money is withdrawn it is taken from the victim either in a switch or, more frequently, by sending the victim into a drug store and driving off. In this scenario, one of the suspects feigns sickness throughout the offense and pretends to very ill when the victim returns from the bank. The victim is sent into the drug store for medicine and the suspects drive off.  

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