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Truck Stop Three Card Monte

The following Method of Operation is used in the scams. Several people (part of the group) are seen playing Three Card Monte and winning large amounts of money. In some cases, thousands of dollars are exchanged and a group of spectators gather to watch. Nearby potential victims are encouraged to join in. The suspects may entice potential victims at motels, etc that there are Hooter's Girls outside on the parking lot or that a guy who just won the lottery is losing large amounts of money in a card game. A victim is enticed to enter the game and quickly wins several hundred to several thousand dollars. The dealer expresses concern that the new player has enough money to cover his bets and asks to see his money. When the player shows his currency and/or jewelry the other "players" grab his valuables and run or in many cases, take his valuables by force when he resists. In some cases, the suspects just ask for change and when the victim takes his money out of his pocket, the suspects take in and run.

These subjects appear to be part of a large group of subjects who are based in the Greater Cincinnati area and travel throughout the country committing these offenses. Most recently they have conducted their activities at motels, truck stops, gas stations, car auctions, biker rallies, sporting events such as car races and rest areas on interstate highways. The group generally travel in several automobiles. They have been featured in several NABI bulletins after being arrested from East to West coasts and their photographs are on the secure side of the NABI Web Site under the gallery.


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