The National Association of Bunco Investigators is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1984, of law enforcement officers and associated professionals throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom in several hundred law enforcement agencies. We are dedicated to serving law enforcement nationwide, exposing exploitation, safeguarding our seniors, targeting nomadic and non-traditional organized crime groups and helping each other solve transient criminal investigations.

We are dedicated to the investigation, arrest and prosecution of groups and individuals who purposefully engage in criminal activity, mostly against the vunerable elderly segment of our society. The activity typically involves some type of flim-flam scheme and ranges across a broad type of crimes. Many law enforcement agencies either do not understand this type of criminal activity or choose to tag it as a "civil," i.e., non-criminal issue. NABI seeks to educate law enforcement with regards to this type of criminal activity. We provide fee based seminars to educate law enforcement and allied professions in the latest identification, apprehension and prosecution strategies to combat these crimes. It is our goal to provide these seminars free of charge to open them up to a larger audience.

We urge you to help us further our mission of assisting in the identification, apprehension and prosecution of those who would scam the elderly through deceipt and intimidation by donating whatever you can afford by clicking on the button. All donations are tax deductable.


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