Reports of Elder Exploitation

This list represents only what has been reported to us and is by no means all inclusive of those crimes occurring throughout the United States and Canada.

July 2016

Los Angeles, CA - Sweetheart Swindle Suspect Convicted

A woman was found guilty on 07/25/2016 after being involved in a sweetheart scam with a 78 year old man. The woman was arrested in January and faces up to eight years in a state prison.

Hazle Township, PA - Distraction Burglary/Squirrel on Roof Ruse

84-year-woman hit by distraction burglars. They came to her door and told her they saw a squirrel on her roof and that if it would find an opening her home would become infested. They got in the house and convinced her that in exchange for paying cash they would not charge her sales tax. As she explained to them that she did not have the money in the house, they convinced her to get in the truck with two of them and drove her to her bank. She withdrew $4,500. Later, an envelope that had had about $500 cash was found to be missing from the home.

Richland County, TX - Pigeon Drop

A 80-year-old victim was scammed out of $10,000. Suspects initially approached the victim and convinced the victim to take them to her bank to withdraw the cash. The suspects went with the victim to the Bank with a promise to give the victim a large sum of money in return for putting up their own money as trust money. The female suspect allegedly escorted the victim to the teller and assisted with withdrawing the funds; the suspects then took the victim's money and fled.

Miramar, FL - Sweepstakes Scam

Four women in four different states thought they won the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes or a new car. But first, a stranger on the phone said, they had to pay taxes or delivery fees. The victims, including one who is 81,are from Hawaii, California, Oregon and Texas and lost a combined $240,000.

Philadelphia, PA - Utility Employee Impostor Burglary/Gas Company Ruse

A man stole jewelry from a 96-year-old woman by pretending to be a utility worker.

Derby, CT - Home Invasion Robbery of Elder

Elderly man beaten and tied up after two males forced entry into his house.

Stamford, CT - Seal Coating Scam against Elder

Man was arrested for allegedly taking almost $16,000 from an elderly victim in 2015.

Marion County, FL - Grand Theft of Elder/False Personation

A woman used a credit card stolen from an 88-year-old man and his 84-year-old wife, who live in a retirement community. The victims were duped out of thousands of dollars by a scam caller who claimed to be someone from their bank.

Richardon, TX - Attempted Roofing Scam against Elder

Scammer claimed he did work on an elderly lady's roof years ago. He got up on her roof without her permission and tore off some flashing over a vent and damaged shingles. Jones then tried to tell the homeowner that all the flashing needed to be fixed and glued for $420. When the homeowner refused to pay, Jones went across the street and tried to get the neighbor to allow him to fix her vents.

Chicago, IL - Home Repair/Reverse Mortgage Scam

An 88-year old female victim has been fighting to save her home for more than 40 years. At the time, the lender was threatening to foreclose on it over a reverse mortgage she was tricked into taking obtaining.

Shenandoah Borough, PA - Chimney Service Fraud

Individual in home of an elderly woman, attempting to have her engage in chimney service work for which he did not have a permit and was attempting to charge $6,500.

June 2016

Waterford, MI - Seal Coating Scam

86-year-old victim was approached at her home by two men who said they would seal her driveway for $58. The victim told police she felt intimidated by the men, but agreed to pay them the money to get them to leave. The men then told the victim they had used 78 gallons of sealant and she owed them $4,000. The men drove the victim to her credit union to get the cash.

Edison, NJ - Seal Coating Scam

Seal coating scam perpretrated at the home of an elderly female.

Lafayette Hill, PA - Distraction Burglary/Roofing Ruse

91-year-old male victim reports that he saw a tall white male in his yard. Victim asked the suspect what he was doing in his yard. Suspect #1 stated he worked for a roofing company roofing down the street and noticed a bubble on the victim's roof. Suspect #1 took the victim inside and sprayed water on his ceiling and stated he had a leak. Suspect #2, suspect #3, entered the victim's house. Suspect #2 distracted the victim with a proposal to fix the roof as suspect #1 went into the victim's bedroom and stole $450 out of his dresser. Suspects also tried to charge victim $2,800 for roof repairs, but victim did not pay.

West Norriton, PA - Distraction Burglary/Roofing Ruse

Two victims, 90 years old, were contacted by males knocking at the door. The males offered to fix a broken shingle on the roof for $300. Victims retrieved the money from a toolbox, where they keep emergency funds. The toolbox contained a $1700. Once the money was paid, Suspect #1 escorted the victims outside to show them the roof issues. While outside with Male#1, someone went back into the house and took the remaining money from the toolbox.

Lake Charles, LA - Utility Employee Impostor Burglary/Power Company Ruse

Two suspects pretended to work for a power company and convinced an elderly woman that they were installing electrical poles in the neighborhood. One suspect convinced the woman to walk into her backyard to show her the work they were going to perform. While in the backyard, another suspect entered the victim's house and stole jewelry, sterling silver flatware, and other personal items valued at $20,000

Marietta, OH - Wobbly Wheel Scam

An elderly man went to the Sonic in Marietta for a quick bite but another patron swindled him out of $300. The 92-year-old was approached by two males, a female and a young girl who told him that he had a wheel about to fall off his car and needed some work on it. They took the man's car behind the Sonic and pretended to fix the tire then told the man he owed them $300. He tried to write him a check and they didn't want a check so he took them to his residence and got cash and paid him.

Roseville, CA - Auto Body Repair Scam

A woman in her 80s was sold unneeded and poor-quality auto repairs. She was loading groceries into her car when a man approached her and offered to paint over some damaged areas on her vehicle for $300. Although her car was in good condition and didn't need repair work, the man talked her into it. He and his family then followed the woman to her home where they helped her put away her groceries, then helped themselves to her food. The mother and son remained in the house with the victim while the man painted the bumpers of her car in her driveway. The female tried to talk the victim into letting her clean her rugs, but the victim declined. When the man finished the "repairs" to the car, he told the woman it took more time than he anticipated and the cost would be $740, rather than the original $300 quoted. The woman paid him and the family left.

North Providence, RI - Seal Coating Scam/Distraction Burglary

Two men allegedly stole $22,000 worth of jewelry from a 91-year-old woman . They approached the woman and asked if she wanted her driveway spray painted with tar. She agreed to pay them for the service. While the two men were working, one asked if she could bring him to the basement to fill up a bucket of water. While they were gone, the second man entered her home and stole $22,000 of jewelry.

Upper Merion Township, PA - Distraction Burglary/Tree Trimming Ruse

88-year-old victim encountered a female carrying an infant who was walking around the front of her property. The female stated she had just moved to the neighborhood from Florida and was now the victim's neighbor. The female asked the homeowner's opinion on cutting down some trees along the rear property line that she said were in danger of hitting the resident's home. The victim accompanied the female to the rear of her property where she assisted the female in looking around the back yard for a pacifier the infant reportedly dropped. A male next approached from around the side of the house and the female identified him as her brother. After a few minutes the victim and both subjects entered her home, where they had a brief conversation before both subjects left the area. The victim later discovered that a Sentry safe which contained over $100,000.00 in jewelry and coins had been stolen.

Lavaca County, TX - Paving Scam

Suspect approached a 75-year-old female and offered to do some improvements to a small section of her ranch road that was washed out near a creek bed. He put down a layer of limestone and then finished the surface with a chip seal top coat. Suspect never gave the victim an exact price for the work until it was completed. He collected two checks from the victim totaling $40,000.

Philadelphia, PA - Distraction Burglary/Roofing Ruse/Arrests Made

On 05/29/2016, a 92-year-old victim pulled into his garage and was met by an unknown male. The male told the victim that his roof needed repairs and he could fix it at a discounted rate. The victim asked the male to give him an estimate and leave it outside. When the victim entered his residence the male followed him inside without permission. A female then walked up to the door and asked if a child could use the bathroom. While speaking with the female, the male went upstairs saying he was going to check the roof. The victim's nephew who also lives in the residence was in the basement and overheard the entire conversation and called 911. Upon police arrival they came into contact with the female who was giving contradicting statements about residency. The male came running down the stairs yelling, "okay, okay sir, here's your estimate". He then took an envelope with US currency out of his pocket and tried to hand it to the female. Officers conducted a walk-through of the residence with the victim and observed the lock of a cabinet door broken. The victim told officers that 2 of the 6 containers which were secured in the cabinet and filled with coins, were on the television set nearby. The victim said he did not put them there and that the cabinet is only accessible by key which was still in his possession. Both subjects were taken into custody and charged with burglary and other related offenses.

May 2016

Gloucester, MA - Chimney Repair Scam

Gloucester PD was notified by a local bank, that an 88-year-old customer was attempting to withdraw $4,000 to pay two men that claimed to have completed work on her chimney.

South Hadley, MA - Seal Coating Scams

South Hadley PD received complaints of "driveway sealing scams" in which two white males arrived at elderly resident's homes and spoke with the homeowners regarding "much needed" repairs to their driveways; and offered to seal the driveways on the spot at a reduced price. An oily mix of an unknown substance was then sprayed on the driveways. Used motor oil was suspected.

Montreal, Canada - Grandchild in Distress Scam/Arrests Made

Police in greater Montreal arrested 19 people as they cracked down on a fraud ring. Officers raided locations in Montreal, Longueuil, Laval and elsewhere. They were cracking down on people they believe were running a "grandparent's scam" on victims across North America. The premise is simple: a con artist calls an elderly person and convinces them that a loved one is in danger, or needs help. Very frequently the young 'victim' is overseas, or a relative that the older person does not speak to often, but the solution is always the same: giving away large amounts of cash.

Crescentville, PA - Home Services (Roofing Scam)

Two men scammed an elderly woman by pretending to work for a roofing company. .

Orlando, FL - Lottery Scam

An 89-year-old Virginia woman thought she'd won the jackpot, so she sent more than $280,000 to a Florida man and woman who investigators say had nothing to do with the lottery.

Lower Merion, PA - Distraction Burglary/Roofing Scam/Acid Spill Scam

85-year- woman was stopped by a white male operating a white pickup truck. The male advised her that they were just at her house to conduct some repairs. The victim told the operator and a white passenger to return to her residence. Upon doing so she allowed them into her home and they discussed payment to make a repair. The owner would not agree to pay $700 cash for the repair; however, the two workers said that they would do the work and she could pay them later. The victim directed both males to a second floor bedroom that had sustained water damage from a prior leak in the roof. The males convinced the victim to boil pots of water to assist with their repairs, so the victim left the workers alone on the second floor of her residence while she boiled water in her kitchen.At some point one of the males told the victim that he splashed some corrosive cleaner on her bracelets that she was wearing. He convinced her to take off the bracelets and soak them in a glass containing a white liquid to protect the gold bracelets. The victim complied and removed her bracelets and placed them in the glass to soak. A short while later the two men left the residence and the victim discovered the bracelets were missing

New Castle, DE - Distraction Burglary/Utility Employee Impostor

Police arrested 30-year-old suspects in connection with two distraction-style thefts perpetrated on an elderly victim, where they posed as commercial utility workers and entered residences under the guise of upgrading existing services. After accepting money, they left after stealing items.

New Castle, DE - Distraction Burglary/Utility Employee Impostor

Police arrested 30-year-old suspects in connection with two distraction-style thefts perpetrated on an elderly victim, where they posed as commercial utility workers and entered residences under the guise of upgrading existing services. After accepting money, they left after stealing items.

Troy, MI - Grand Theft against Elderly/Wobbly Wheel Scam

Scammers approach elderly women driving in parking lots and claim the women's wheel is "wobbling." The scammer claims to work at "Big O Tires" and cons them into having the work done immediately at a discounted rate. The victims are distracted by the scamer "fixes" the wheel without tools within minutes and then demand a large sum of money from the victims.

Orlando, FL - Lottery Scam

An 89-year-old Virginia woman thought she'd won the jackpot, so she sent more than $280,000 to a Florida man and woman who investigators say had nothing to do with the lottery.

Troy, MI - Strong Arm Robbery/Tree Trimming Ruse

Suspect entered the breezeway area of a home where he was confronted by the 90 year old female resident near the side entry door to the home; and the suspect told the resident that he needed to ask her permission to drive a vehicle on to her property to perform some tree work. The suspect then forced his way through the side door, grabbed the victim by the arm and dragged her to a back bedroom, causing minor injuries. The suspect then entered a second bedroom where a safe was kept, and stole a credit card.

Heath, TX - Utility Employee Impostors

Two people were arrested in connection with a door-to-door utilities scam which among other people, targeted an 86-year-old woman. One of the items stolen was the elderly woman's husband's wedding. The two men were posing as TXU and Oncor employees when they bullied their way into the woman's home . While inside the resident's home, one of the suspects had flipped a circuit breaker to shut off the power in one section of the home," stated the Heath DPS. "While one suspect distracted her, the other stole numerous items of jewelry from her bedroom."

Needham, MA - Auto Body Repair Scam/Distraction Burglary

An elderly resident was approached at her home by two individuals who offered to do bodywork on her car which was parked in the driveway. The street is on the Wellesley line and fairly busy. The victim invited the man who was accompanied by a female into her home to negotiate. While in the kitchen, the female asked to use the bathroom; where she allegedly became sick. The man then asked to use the bathroom. After the victim gave a $100 deposit, the two left the house promising to return to complete the work. While leaving the female again became sick outside the house. Later the victim discovered her jewelry boxes disturbed with at least a $1,000 worth of assorted jewelry missing

April 2016

San Leandro, CA - Grand Theft against Elderly/Wobbly Wheel Scam

Scammers approach elderly women driving in parking lots and claim their wheels are "wobbling." The scammer claims to work at "Big O Tires" and cons them into having the work done immediately at a discounted rate. The victims are distracted by another scammer as he "fixes" the wheel without tools within minutes and then demands large sum of money from the victims.

Orlando, FL - Lottery Scam

An 89-year-old Virginia woman thought she'd won the jackpot, so she sent more than $280,000 to a Florida man and woman who investigators say had nothing to do with the lottery.

Miami Beach, FL - Theft by Distraction-Pickpocket/Bird Dropping Scam

Six elderly males were victims of theft by distraction. In all cases, the victim felt some type of fluid on the back of their neck. An unidentified male would then approach the victim and inform them to look up towards the sky because birds were defecating on them. The subject would wipe the victim with a towel and then walk away. A short time later, the victim would discover their personal items missing from their pants pockets.

Lo Altos, CA - Suspicious Persons

Suspects driving around looking for elderly persons from whom to purchase vehicles.

San Jose, CA - New Arrest

One of several suspects involved in a financial elderly abuse scam arrested. She and her co-conspirators befriended an elder and tell him that one of them needed a surgical procedure to remove vaginal growths. The suspects convinced the victim to give them $30,000. The victim was going to give the suspects an additional $60,000 from his savings account but the bank employee became suspicious and contacted police.

Sacramento, CA - Wanted Subject/Nationwide Extradition

Subject wanted by the Sacramento PD (CA) for Robbery, Carjacking and Elder Abuse w/Prior Offense. The bail has been set at $500,000 and the warrant has full extradition.

Hamilton, NJ - Seal Coating Scam

Suspects arrested in an attempt to scam an elderly male by offering to seal coat his small driveway for an estimated amount, but changed the receipt to reflect a total of $2,000.

Fredericksburg, VA - Charity Scam/Handkerchief Switch

Elderly male approached by two males, one of showed him what appeared to be a large amount of cash in a briefcase and was told that he was returning to South Africa and was unable to take that amount of cash with him. He told the victim that he would like for him to donate the money to a charity of his choice but he would need to give him $7,500 cash because that is the amount that he was allowed to take with him to South Africa. Both suspects rode with the victim to a nearby bank so that he could withdraw money. When the victim handed them the bank envelope containing the $7,500 the suspects gave him a handkerchief and ran. The handkerchief was found to be filled with cut newspaper.

Louisville, KY - Elder Exploitation/Badge Players

Two Alabama residents arrested in Kentucky are believed to be part of a large-scale scam that bilked an elderly Louisville woman out of more than $10,000.

Cudahy, WI - Distraction Burglary/Roof Repair Ruse

Three males arrived at 94-year-old victim's residence and presented themselves as roofing repair men. The three male suspects were inside the victim's residence for approximately 15 minutes during which time at least two of the suspects rummaged through the house while the third suspect kept the victim distracted. The male suspects left the residence in their vehicle. It was later discovered that the males stole jewelry including 5 rings, a birthstone necklace and a women's pocket watch.

Paramus, NJ - Pickpocket Crew

Suspect attempted to remove a wallet from an elderly shopper's pocketbook that was left in the cart. Store security intervened and stopped the theft before Suspect could remove the victim's wallet from her pocketbook. Suspect then fled in a 2006 Ford Fusion.

Canmore, Canada - Bank Examiner Scheme

A man posing as a fraud investigator with a local financial institution contacted woman in her 70s on. The man then instructed the woman to go to the bank and withdraw just under $5,000After the woman left the bank, she was approached by the man who identified him as the fraud investigator. The woman turned the money over to the man, who said he would be in contact with her later. But after not hearing from him, the woman called police.

Queens, NY - Pigeon Drop Suspects Indicted

Three women who pretended to find cash to scam an 88-year-old elderly woman in Queens were found out for real by the cops. Suspects were indicted on felony grand larceny and other charges after pulling a classic con.

Bradford, Canada - Bank Examiner Scheme

An elderly woman recently lost $1,800 in a bank examiner scheme in Bradford. The woman told police she had received a phone call from a man claiming to be a bank employee, and that he told her that $1,800 had been deposited in her bank account by mistake, and said that he needed her to withdraw the funds and give them to him.

Willistown, PA - Auto Body Repair/Home Services Scam

89-year-old victim encountered two white males, who "fixed" a damaged bumper on the victim's Lexus and followed him home to Grubb Road in Willistown for payment. While at the residence, the white males performed some light construction work (power washing and painting for 3-4 hours) and demanded payment of $18,000 for the work they performed. The victim refused initially but, paid them $9,500.

March 2016

Stillwater, MN - Driveway Paving Scam

A man is accused of trying to swindle an 85-year-old Cottage Grove woman into paying $5,000 for driveway work he told her would be free. The suspect, Richard Daniel Thomas JOLES II, 28, also forced a 75-year-old Woodbury woman to pay $750 for driveway work after she only agreed to $180.

Montreal, Canada - Access Card Shoulder Surfing/Distraction Burglary

Suspects arrested in connection with six seniors, all women, aged 69 to 84, being robbed. victims were all women, ranging in age from 69 to 84. The suspects would follow their target in the store until she went to pay at the cash register. When the shopper would pay, the suspects would watch her punch in her PIN and memorize it. They would then follow the shopper home, enter under a false pretense and steal the debit or credit cards. The suspects then made purchases using the stolen cards, which totaled $37,000.

Stillwater, MN - Driveway Paving Scam

A man is accused of trying to swindle an 85-year-old Cottage Grove woman into paying $5,000 for driveway work he told her would be free. The suspect, Richard Daniel Thomas JOLES II, 28, also forced a 75-year-old Woodbury woman to pay $750 for driveway work after she only agreed to $180.

Montreal, Canada - Access Card Shoulder Surfing/Distraction Burglary

Suspects arrested in connection with six seniors, all women, aged 69 to 84, being robbed. victims were all women, ranging in age from 69 to 84. The suspects would follow their target in the store until she went to pay at the cash register. When the shopper would pay, the suspects would watch her punch in her PIN and memorize it. They would then follow the shopper home, enter under a false pretense and steal the debit or credit cards. The suspects then made purchases using the stolen cards, which totaled $37,000.

Fort Worth, TX - Lottery/Sweepstakes Con

A con artist has been sentenced to just over six years in federal prison for running a lottery/sweepstakes scheme that collected about $505,000 from elderly people.

Pine Crest, FL - Distraction Burglary

A group of men burglarized the home of a 70-year-old woman last month using a distraction scam. While the group was in the back yard, one of the suspects fell to the ground and spilled what he claimed was a toxic liquid on the victim's left hand, on which she wore two wedding rings valued at $40,500. They rushed the victim into the home and told her to take off her rings before washing her hands because the liquid was acidic. After the men left in a black pickup truck, the victim noticed that her rings were missing and other jewelry valued at $5,000 was also missing.

Palo Alto, CA - Pickpocket/Access Card Fraud

83-year-old female victim went shopping at Nordstrom at the Stanford Shopping Center where she believes an unknown suspect stole her wallet out of her purse. The next day, the suspect used her credit/debit cards and used them to fraudulently purchase almost $14,000 worth of merchandise.

Livingston, TX - Pigeon Drop

Elderly male scammed out of several thousands of dollars.

Danbury, CT - Seal Coating

91 year old resident stated that he came home and found workers in his driveway in the process of cleaning the driveway. The workers told him that his wife hired them to seal and resurface the driveway. The victim paid $2,750 to the workers and it was later learned that the wife never authorized or knew about it.

Pottstown, PA - Seal Coating

85 year old victim reported that he was cleaning his driveway when he was approached by two males who were selling driveway sealant. The victim felt he was being pressured into purchasing the service and before he knew it, the two men were applying a black liquid substance to his driveway. The victim was not sure what to do so he kept asking them "How much this is going to cost?" The men indicated they were going to give him a good price. Victim said that the suspects were in a black truck with the tank and equipment on the back. He did not get a registration. Victim said the work only took about 20 minutes to complete his driveway and the suspect presented him with a bill for $1,300. He wrote them a check for $1,000 and gave them $300 in cash.

Bay Harbor islands, FL - Distraction Burglary/Tree Trimming Ruse

90-year-old Bay Harbor Islands woman was duped at the door by someone who posed as a worker, and stole thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry.

Hays, TX - Home Repair Scams/No Service Performed

A Kyle man was arrested on warrants of theft ranging from $1,500 to $20,000 after he conned multiple elderly victims in Hays and Travis counties for contract labor services he did not perform.

Charleston, SC - Residential/Silver & Jewelry Thefts

A small, wealthy, residential retirement community has experienced multiple burglaries where only silver and expensive jewelry were taken, even leaving behind small electronics such as iPads and other tablets.

Caledonia, WI - Distraction Burglary/Roofing Ruse

An elderly female was outside shoveling snow when she was approached by a Hispanic male who told her his father put the roof on her house ten years ago. Even through the homeowners just replaced the roof last fall, the Hispanic male was let into the house. After he left the residence, the elderly female's husband stated he was missing $86 from his wallet.

Farmington, CT - Distraction Entry/Tree-Trimming & Roofing Ruse

96-year-old woman on Main Street reported that a man and woman were soliciting to do some tree work and appeared to have forced their way into their house. Suspects are in custody and charged with second-degree burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary in the second degree, sixth-degree larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny in the sixth degree, criminal attempt to commit larceny in the second degree and conspiracy to commit larceny in the second degree.

Caseyville, IL - Home Repair Fraud

An elderly Caseyville resident was a victim of a home repair scam in which the suspect accepted $7,000 for a project he never completed.

Washington Heights, NY - Sweetheart Swindle

More than $400,000 stolen from three elderly males in their 70s and 80s.

Abington, PA - Sweetheart Swindle

Elderly male tricked in to giving a couple over $15,000 in order to purchase a new vehicle.

Palo Alto, CA - Pickpocket

83-year-old female victim went shopping at Nordstrom at the Stanford Shopping Center where she believes a suspect stole her wallet out of her purse. The next day, the suspect used her credit/debit cards at Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, Apple, and Comerica to make purchases. The suspect also emptied the victim's checking account.

Lower Merion, PA - Distraction Burglary/Acid Spill Ruse

85 year old victim left her house on Stoneway Lane in Merion Station to mail some letters in a nearby postal box. While walking back to her residence she was stopped by a white male operating a white pickup truck. The male advised her that they were just at her house to conduct some repairs. The victim told the operator and a white passenger to return to her residence. Upon doing so, she allowed them into her home and they discussed payment to make a repair. The owner would not agree to pay $700 cash for the repair; however, the two workers said that they would do the work and she could pay them later. The victim directed both males to a second floor bedroom that had sustained water damage from a prior leak in the roof. The males convinced the victim to boil pots of water to assist with their repairs, so the victim left the workers alone on the second floor of her residence while she boiled water in her kitchen.

At some point one of the males told the victim that he splashed some corrosive cleaner on her bracelets that she was wearing. He convinced her to take off the bracelets and soak them in a glass containing a white liquid to protect the gold bracelets. The victim complied and removed her bracelets and placed them in the glass to soak. A short while later the two men left the residence and the victim discovered the bracelets were missing from the glass upstairs.

Winchester, VA - Investment Scam

82-year-old victim has been engaging in transactions with subjects who have influenced him to send them money believing they are with the World Bank. Estimated loss to the victim at this time is in excess of $300,000.

February 2016

Vestal, NY - Grandchild in Distress

85-year-old Vestal resident received a phone call at his home alleging that his grandson had been arrested in Florida. The scammer asked that $5,000 in iTunes gift cards be purchased in order to get the grandson released by a judge.

Mt. Pleasant, SC - Roofing/Driveway Repair Scams

Mt. Pleasant PD is investigating numerous complaints against a suspect for Deceptive Business Practices involving the elderly. Suspect was going door to door asking homeowners if they wanted their roof or driveway repaired.

St. Francois County, MO - Exploitation of the elderly

Suspect is alleged to have cashed three checks totaling $18,600 for driveway asphalt paving work he never provided.

Phoenix, AZ - Bank Examiner Scheme/Badge player

87-year-old woman was scammed out of $17,500 after she received a phone call from a male claiming he was a Captain with the Scottsdale PD who claimed that a woman was using her driver’s license, bankcard and American Express card at high-end stores.

Saint Lawrence Borough, PA - Distraction Burglary/ Lot Line Ruse

90-year-old female advised by suspect that he was trimming trees to the rear of her property and he needed her to show him the property lines. When she returned to the house, and noticed everything had been ransacked. Jewelry and cash were reported stolen with an estimated value of over $10,000.

Houston, TX - Elder Financial Exploitation/Grand Theft by False Pretenses

Police have put out a warning about an alleged con artist who was preying on a cancer patient at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Police say the woman, who identified herself as Tina MILLIS, pretended to be the grieving wife of a very sick patient. She befriended an older male patient and fed him sob stories about needing money for medical bills, transportation and a non-existent business, police say. Millis and the patient developed a friendship that continued when he was released from the hospital. When her fake husband “died,” she convinced the victim to give her thousands of dollars.

Fremont, CA - Grandchild in Distress

87-year-old victim convinced by an impersonator who claimed to be the victim’s granddaughter, to deposit $7,800 "Bail money" into a bank account.

January 2016

South Brunswick, NJ - Distraction Burglary/Tree-Trimming Scam

90-year-old woman has lost her entire cash savings after two men posing as tree-trimmers allegedly went to her home and stole $10,000 from her. After the woman gave the two men the cash, they distracted her and "took her entire cash savings ($12,000), which was in the home."

Madison County, IL - Roofing Scam

A Texas man was arrested for lying about repair fines. On 01/31/2016, the suspect knocked on an elderly man's door and told him that he was sent by the Township to look at his roof. The suspect told the elder that he would not have to pay for the inspection but when he came down from the roof, he told the elder that he would have to pay a large amount of money for unauthorized repairs made to the roof. The elderly man paid him with a personal check.

Delmar, NY - Pigeon Drop

68-year-old woman scammed out of $6,000 by two suspects in a Pigeon Drop scheme.

Los Angeles, CA - Sweetheart Swindle

73-year-old swindled out of $14,500 in a Sweetheart Swindle.

Indianapolis, IN - Driveway Paving Scam

94-year-old man swindled out of $23,000 in a driveway paving scam.

Akron, OH - Bank Examiner Scheme/Badge Players

Two men posed as Akron police officers investigating bank fraud and scammed two octogenarians out of thousands of dollars.

St. Charles City, MO - Auto Body Repair Scam

Elderly female approached at the Home Depot parking lot by two suspects who offered to fix the dents in her car for $450 and if she was not satisfied, she would not have to pay.

Upper Saddle River, NJ - Time Share Resale Scam

An elderly victim listed the sale of a time share and received an offer to the sell the time share with a refundable deposit of $5,999. Money was sent via credit card and an international fee was charged as well. The next day the same victim was contacted by "Golden Crow" in Orlando, FL. They stated they would recover the money from the previous transaction and sell the time share for a $5,500 security deposit and a one-time fee of $3,850.

Palisades Park, NJ - Wanted Suspect Arrested

Palisades Park PD (NJ) arrested a notorious con man after he convinced an 87 year-old supermarket shopper that her car's door locks were broken and he could fix them.

Aurora, CO - Wanted for Sweetheart Swindle

Suspects victimized an 87-year-old man for approximately $110,000 using a Sweetheart Swindle over a three week period in October of 2014. Both were due to appear in court on 12/07/2015 and failed to appear. Officers went to their last known address and learned from neighbors that the entire family had moved out approximately one week before the 12/07/2016 court date.

Baker County, FL - Ruse Entry/Roofing Scam

An elderly couple, ages 90 and 88, had over $26,000 in cash and valuables stolen by a man claiming to be a roofing contractor. The man was allowed to enter the home to point out areas he claimed needed repairs. While the husband was kept occupied, the wife discovered a second man in one of the bedrooms. After the men left, the victims realized that a small safe containing cash had been stolen from a bedroom closet.

Mineola, TX - Guttter Cleaning Scam

The suspect allegedly scammed an elderly person (cleaning gutters) at about $9,000. The suspect told the elderly man he would clean his gutters and yard, and received a check up front. He cashed the check and never came back.

North Charleston, SC - Pigeon Drop

Elderly victim defrauded out of $10,000.

Coon Rapids, MI - Pigeon Drop

Elderly woman out $16,000 after being targeted by a pair of scam artists.

Palm Bay, FL - Lottery Scam

Elderly woman scammed out of out $20,000 after police said con artists tricked her into thinking they won the lottery and asked her for help.

Sunnyvale, CA - IRS Scam

89-year-old resident received a telephone call from someone claiming to be with the IRS Special Police Unit. The caller said that back taxes were owed and unless payment was made immediately, officers would respond to arrest him. The elder heard of the scam and hung up.

Louisville, KY - Roofing Scam

Man caught on home surveillance video after authorities say he forced himself into a 90-year-old woman's home. Police say he first pretended to work for a roofing company before stealing from the victim.

Brooklyn, NY - Theft by False Pretense/Apt. Rental Scam

82-year-old woman scammed out of $10,000 in an apartment rental scam.

East Norriton, PA - Utility Employee Impostor-Gas Company Ruse

84-year-old man had $500 cash, $25 savings bond, tax returns and a 1986 Gold American Eagle one ounce $50 coin stolen in a gas leak ruse.

San Leandro, CA - Distraction Burglary/Well Leak Ruse

Several items valued at over $1,500 stolen from an elderly victim in well leak ruse.

Charlton, MA - Distraction Theft by Contractor

91-year-old woman discovered missing jewelry after a contractor was caught in a room in which he did not belong.

Radnor, PA - Roofing Scam

Elderly woman targeted in a roof repair scam which would have cost $1,600.

Pekin, IL - Roof Repair/Tree Trimming Suspect Sentenced

Scammer sentenced for home repair scams that defrauded an 84-year-old man out of nearly $13,000 sentenced to 18 months in prison for branch trimming and roof tar patching.

Boulder, CO - Paving

Asphalt paving schemes mostly against elderly victims in rural areas.

Villa Park, IL - Home Repair

More than $117,000 stolen from a 79-year-old for home repair

Fairfield, CT - Seal Coating Scam

90-year-old woman paid $1,200 for seal coating and suspects did not finish the work.

Victoria, TX - Pigeon Drop

70-year-old scammed out of an unknown amount of money.

Abington, PA - Drive Seal Coating

85-year-old scammed out of $1,100 after being told the cost was $72 to top seal coat the driveway.

Menands, NY - Grandchild in Distress

Four women from Canada were arrested, accused of targeting elderly victims for cash.

Wichita, KS - Arrest Warrant Scam

A male is calling victims and pretending to be with the Sedgwick Co. Sheriff's Office. He seems to be targeting elderly females. He tells the victims that they have warrants and need to pay off the costs (normally $4,000).

Hawk Point, MO - Concrete Driveway Scam

Deputies with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office arrested a man for allegedly exploiting an elderly woman who paid $8,500 by an 88-year-old victim to pour a concrete driveway. The suspect poured gravel and leveled the driveway, but never finished it.

Glen Cove, Long Island, NY - Distraction Burglary/Tree-Trimming Ruse

Two men posing as tree trimmers went into the backyard with the 79-year-old husband and his 85-year-old wife, the other went back into the house and swiped $50,000 from a bedroom safe.

Santa Clara, CA - Sweetheart Swindle

Three suspects targeted befriended an elderly victim and were able to convince him to help them pay for their medical bills, until they received a $50,000 inheritance (in the near future), at which point they would reimburse him. The Suspects scammed the Victim out of more than $31,000.

December 2015

West Bloomfield, MI - Pigeon Drop

80-year-old woman scammed out of $14,000 in a Pigeon Drop.

Greensburg, PA - Ruse Entry/Roofing Scam

94-year-old had $68,000 in a bedroom drawer earmarked for Christmas stolen by a couple who tricked him into letting them inside his home on a ruse.

Woodbridge, NJ - Utility Employee Impostor Burglary/Water Dept. Ruse

85-year-old's bedroom ransacked by suspects who stated they were from a water company and had to check the water in the basement.

Harrison, NY - Grandchild in Distress Scam/Arrests Made

92-year-old victim woman fell victim to con artists who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from her by posing as her grandson who needed money to get out of jail. The victim wired $300,000 more into various accounts to secure her grandson's freedom. Scammers were arrested and charged.

Leesburg, FL - Elder Financial Abuse/Grand Theft/Phony Pastor

89-year-old was involved in an accident that left a pedestrian , Suspect identified himself as a pastor and said he was with one of the law enforcement agencies and was there to help. Suspect asked for money for a lawyer, burial expenses for the man who died in the accident and a fee. The victim handed over $25,000, but investigators said every penny went straight into the suspect's pockets. Brantley was arrested and charged with grand theft and cheating at common law. He is also wanted in two Georgia counties on similar charges.

Forest Park, IL &3045; Concrete Walkway Repair Scam

Attempted scam on elderly residents to repair cracks in walkways for $50 per pound of cement used. Permission to proceed was never granted and perpetrators arrested.

St. Paul, MN - Bank Examiner Scheme

Woman in her 70s in St. Paul was called by an individual explaining that he was a state investigator and that someone had stolen her identity, and wanted to do anything she could to keep others from being victimized. The investigator said they were trying to determine whether bank workers were in cahoots with the suspect and distributing counterfeit money. He asked the woman to assist with their investigation and she agreed to withdraw $35,000 to help them determine whether phony money was being circulated.

Harrisburg, PA - Pigeon drop

90-year-old woman victimized by a team that pulled off a "dropped wallet" scam (Pigeon Drop) on 10/13/2015 that resulted in a $50,000 loss to the victim.

Gainsville, FL - Assisted Living Facilities Burglaries

Two women are suspects in multiple residential burglaries within Assisted Living Facilities that have occurred throughout the United States. Their MO is to dress in hospital scrubs and try to blend in with Assisted Living facilities employees. They target jewelry and are not afraid to enter occupied homes.

Tracy, CA - Pigeon Drop

81-year-old fell prey to Pigeon Drop scammers. The victim met with a person who was looking for a church to donate money to. The victim offered to take the suspect to a church and said they met up with another suspect along the way. The victim withdrew $10,000 from her bank and gave it to the suspects in hopes of receiving $160,000. The suspects left and the victim didn't receive anything.

November 2015

Los Angeles, CA - Latin Lotto Scam

Elderly Latinas targeted with fake winning lotto tickets. Three suspects arrested.

Minden, NC - Auto Body Repair Scam

70-year-old victim's vehicle was detailed without his permission. Suspects were bound over on charges of robbery and extortion.

Albany, CA - Auto Body Repair Scam

Two individuals, accompanied by a 10-12 year old boy, knocked on the front door of an elderly couple in Albany on 11/11/2015 to inquire if they wanted scratches removed from their vehicle that was in the driveway. They pulled out a dent and charged the victim $300.

Mountainside, NJ - Auto Body Repair Scam

Suspect approached an elderly female and offered to perform body work on her vehicle. The two agreed to $200 for dents and blemishes to be removed. Although the work was performed, the results were shoddy, at best.

Valdosta, GA - Driveway Seal Coating Scam/Wanted Subject

84-year-old homeowner was approached with an offer to sealcoat his driveway for $50 per gallon. After the job was done, they raised the price to $10,800. The victim's wife paid the suspect with two checks which he cashed soon after.

Roseburg, OR - Vacuum Cleaner Sales Scam

Door-to-door vacuum salesman arrested whom deputies say was trying to con elderly women by demonstrating vacuum cleaners to them and then trying to collect payment — without ever delivering the machines.

Hudson, NH - Pickpocket Thefts

89-year-old woman stalked then distracted while the female suspect removed the victim's wallet from her purse.

Ivyland, PA - Ruse Entry Burglary/Select Comfort Bed Service Call Ruse

An elderly female stated that a man purported to be making a service call on her Select Comfort bed/mattress entered her home without her requesting service. After entering the home, the male caused a distraction while he was in her bedroom alone. In November 2015, the victim noticed charges on her American Express and MasterCard accounts. Suspect has been identified and an arrest warrant issued.

Bensalem, PA - Seal Coating Activity

Two suspects attempted to scam an older resident on a driveway sealcoat job. The subjects asked for $550 to sealcoat the victim's driveway. When police arrived the subjects left the location without being able to get any money.

Bethany, OK - Roofing Scam

97-year-old woman swindled out of $2,200 for a roof repair. When the suspect tried to cash the check, the bank refused to do so.

Haverhill, MA - IRS Scam

66-year-old victim received a telephone call, informing her that there was a problem with her last tax claim and that she needed to pay $1,450 immediately or there would be a warrant for her arrest.

October 2015

Marion, VA - Distraction Burglary/Flooring Ruse

A white male came to the door of an elderly female victim's home and lead her to believe that she knew him from the past. She allowed him into the home and he began to tell her that he was opening up a store in the Marion area. A short time later a younger white male came into the home with a piece of flooring and spread it out on the floor for her to look at. During the encounter it is believed the younger male entered a bedroom and stole jewelry.

Harvard, MA - Chimney Cleaning Scam

An elder female resident was solicited by phone to clean her chimney(s). The woman allowed workers to come in and was told that she would need $5,000 worth of work done to one of her chimneys. She paid for the work only to find out later that it had not been done.

Clarkstown, NY - Jamaican Lottery Scam

90-year-old resident reported that over the past year he has wired possibly up to $30,000 to a subject in Jamaica after being told he had won a Jamaican Lottery.

Denver, CO - Distraction Burglary/Roofing Scam

Elderly women targeted in burglary scam. Suspects are coming to the women's homes claiming they need to complete roofing work. One suspect distracts the victim, asking her to go outside to look at the roof or get a bucket of water, while another suspect enters the home and steals jewelry, money or safes.

Bensalem, PA - Fortune Telling Scam

89-year-old Bensalem woman scammed out of more than $17,000 by a brother and sister who admitted they were pretending to be psychics. The victimn later discovered a $9,000 credit card charge paid to Psychic Energy Reading in Bensalem. Police also found another $15,000 in credit card charges during the investigation.

Marple, PA - Distraction Burglary/Lot Line Scam

Residents, in their 70's, were approached by a scruffy looking, dark skinned, white male in his 40's, who presented himself as a building inspector. He took the couple to the rear of the yard and walked along the fence line with them. The male was pretending to walk off measurements. When one of the victims tried to leave, the male would get their attention and they would stay with him. The victims discovered drag marks on their wood floor and found that their safe containing about $210,000 in cash and about $40,000 in jewelry.was missing.

Toronto, ON - Sweetheart Swindles/Money Laundering

Three people charged in a "romance scam" that defrauded a Toronto widow of more than $600,000 and is also facing allegations of being involved in a cross-border money laundering scheme totaling $5 billion.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Distraction Burglary

Family of four traveling criminals engaging in distraction burglaries arrested for preying on the elderly across South Florida.

Schuykill Township, PA - Jamaican Lotto Scam

79-year-old widow lost $22,500 in a Jamaican Lotto Scam.

Maynard, MA - Driveway Paving Activity

Elderly resident agreed to pay $3,500 for driveway re-paving by group who had no permits and were performing illegal work.

Manhattan, NY - Bank Examiner Scheme/Badge Player

87-year-old scammed out of $34,000 by persons posing as police officers who claimed to be investigating the bank.

Torrance, CA - Wobbly Wheel Scam

79-year-old victim scammed out of $1,950 for repair of three lug nuts to cure a wobbly wheel which was not wobbling.

Lexington, KY - Nursing home burglary

Suspect implicated in burglaries from nursing homes in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas.

Tallahassee, FL - Concrete work scam

Elderly residents scammed out of thousands of dollars for concrete work which was not performed.

September 2015

Delray Beach, FL - Distraction Burglary-Exterminator/Acid Spill Scam

79-year-old bilked out of jewelry while distracted during an exterminator scam.

Stockton, CA - Accident Scam

Five elders, aged 79-90 bilked out of between $400 - $900 each in shopping center parking lots for false accident claims.

Marple Township, PA - Ruse Entry Burglary/Lot Line Scam

81-year-old foiled a lot line scam by refusing to cooperate with the suspects who wanted her to show them the property line behind her garage.

Queens, NY - Latin Lotto Scam

80-year-old bilked out of $90,000 in a Latin Lotto Scam.

Distraction Burglary - Wanted - Westhampton, NJ

$2,000 taken from elderly resident solicited for seal coating job.

Mason, OH - Charity Scam

Elderly residents targeted in a Charity Scam

Kittery, ME, - Grandchild in Distress Scam

Elderly Kittery resident received a call from a "MA Public Defender" who informed them that their grandson had been in an accident, charged with DWI that resulted in the death of a passenger. He requested $1,860 to be sent via MoneyGram to satisfy his bail. They sent the money that night. After sending the money they received a second call requesting more money.

Cinnaminson, NJ - Brickwork Scam

82- year-old victim scammed into paying $3,575 for a substandard brick pointing job on his steps.

August 2015

Fort Myers, FL - Latin Lotto Scam

Victim scammed out of $12,000 in exchange for a lottry ticket supposedly valiuued at $395,000.

Escondido, CA - Latin Lottery Scam

Elderly victims scammed out cash and a promise of a percentage of the winnings from a losing or fraudulent lottery ticket.

Fremont, CA - Pigeon Drop

73-year-old woman scammed out of $9,000 to split $150,000. She was told she need to draw an additional $9,000 from her bank account but due to an alert teller, they were apprehended by police.

Vancouver, BC - Chinese Blessing Scam

Elderly Asian women targeted by scammers convincing them that an evil spirit was following them and would cause harm if they didn't participate in a blessing ceremony.

Livonia, MI - Elder Financial Abuse

Elderly Livonia man swindled out of tens of thousands of dollars over a three-year span.

Fremont, CA - Elder Exploitation

76 year old victim agreed to let scammer do a landscaping job. Once the work was begun, the suspect informed the victim there was additional damage and needed more money for materials, and upped the price for the job.

Troy, MI - Sweetheart Swindle

67-year-old man swindled out of $710,000 which included $120,000 for a house, $25,000 for nursing school tuition, $60,000 in credit card bills, $400,000 for medical bills, and also a 2014 Corvette.

Arcadia, CA - Auto door latch repar scam

Suspect approaches the elderly, points out that their car doors will not latch shut, allegedly fixes the problem, and then requests anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Pleasant, WI - Bank Examiner Scheme/Arrest Made

89-year-old, a recent widower, victimized out of $4,500. Suspect taken into custody.

Mobile, AL - Pigeon Drop

Elderly woman tricked out of $200,000 worth of jewelry.

North Londonderry, PA - Distraction Burglary/Seal Coating Scam

Elderly couple in their mid-80.s approached by a male and female team about seal coating their driveway. Later, the elderly couple noticed that an envelope with an unknown amount of cash was missing along with approximately $7,500 worth of jewelry.

Arcadia, CA - Auto Body Repair Scam

90-year-old man bilked out of an unknown amount of money during a bogus auto repair scam.

Oak Lawn, IL - Pigeon Drop

77'year'old man swindled out of $32,500 in a Pigeon Drop Scam.

Malvern, PA - Seal Coating Scam

Elderly mother, suffering from Dementia, had written three checks totaling $4,800 to someone for resealing the driveway of her home.

Cary, NC - Burglary of Retirement/Assisted Living Facility Residents

Illegal immigrant burglarizing residents o retirement and assisted living facilities.

Georgetown, KY - Seal Coating Scam

83'year'old victim scammed of more than $40,000 in a seal coating scam by a father and son team.

Cinnaminson, NJ - Seal Coating Scam

Elderly homeowners scammed by seal coaters doing shoddy and sub'standard work. R

Westand, MI - Home Repair Fraud/Elder Financial Abuse

An 83-year-old was tricked into giving a man $3,500 by telling her she urgentkly needed concrete repairs. The suspect was arraigned on one felony charge of embezzlement from a vulnerable adult and one felony count of using false pretenses to obtain money

SeaTac, WA - Driveway Repair

A 78-year-old WW II veteran was approached a suspect who offered to repave a portion of the driveway asphalt that was buckled by a tree root. The suspect was not equipped to do the job as he only had seal coating equipment. He was booked. In addition to local charges, he had an active warrant from Utah for Falsely Obtaining and Distributing Prescription Drugs without a license.

Mountain View, CA - Air Duct Cleaning Scam

An elderly female victim answered a telephone call from a solicitor who claimed to work for "DE General Air Solution" about air duct cleaning. The victim scheduled an appointment for the cleaning and a subject who called himself "John" showed up four days early at the residence. After telling the victim that the work would take three hours and cost $75, suspect went up into the attic and came back down about two hours later. Suspect told victim many things were wrong with her air ducts and wrote up a contract in the amount of $4,170 for the work. Suspect told victim that he ordered parts that would be arriving in the mail and to call him when they arrived and he would return to complete the work. The victim paid in cash and suspect left the home and never returned.

Abington, PA - Work-at-Home Scam

Victim reported she was looking for jobs on the internet sites such as 'Indeed" and 'Simply Hired" and was contacted by a person who claimed her name was Holly Lesane. Lesane agreed to hire victim to be a personal assistant. As Lesane's personal assistant, victim was assigned the task of making an art purchase. Lesane would send victim a check in the amount of $2,371.63 which she was to deposit in her bank. Lesane also instructed victim that after she deposited the check, victim was to send $1,400.00 to the art seller for deposit on this piece of art via a Western Union transfer to a Nigeria address. A day later victim was instructed to send another $600 to "finish off the transaction", which she did to the art seller located at the City of Ikorodu, State-Lagos, Postcode 23401 in the Country of Nigeria. Victim was informed by her bank, that the check she deposited two days ago was returned because it was fictitious.

Lower Providence Township, PA - Distraction Burglary/Lot Line Scam

An 82-year-old male was bilked out of $8,000 in a distraction type burglary. The victim owns a flag business at his home. A suspect rang his doorbell to his residence and after a short conversation regarding flags, the victim allowed him to his business in the basement via separate door. There, the male actor inquired about getting certain flags for the people next door as he was going to do fence work for them. After about 15 minutes, the male suspect told the victim he needed to go outside to get money. While outside, he asked the victim to speak with the female suspect who was now standing in the driveway. She asked the victim to go to the rear of the property with her to look at the property lines. The suspects fled and when the victim returned to his house he discovered $8,000 in US currency stolen from his bedroom dresser.

East Providence, RI - Home Repair suspects arrested

Three people were arrested for scamming an elderly man in East Providence for more than $30,000 in home repairs.

Staunton, VA - Home Repair paving suspect convicted and jailed

A man who bilked a Fort Defiance woman and a Fishersville business in separate paving scams last year pleaded guilty Monday to two felony counts of construction fraud, was sentenced to 10 months in jail and placed on five years of probation after scamming nearly $5,000 from his victims, according to Rupen Shah, the chief deputy commonwealth's attorney for Augusta County. Using an alias of "Joe KEEFER" and flashing a fake business license, Shah said Stanley secured $4,800 in payments for paving work that was never done. Following Stanley's arrest in December, the Augusta County Sheriff's Office reported he approached a 66-year-old Fort Defiance woman and agreed to redo her driveway for $800. The woman paid Stanley in advance, the sheriff's office said, but no work was done. In November, the sheriff's office said Stanley set up an excavating and paving job with MTP Properties in Fishersville, charging the company $12,400. Stanley collected $4,000 up front but never did any work for the company. Stanley is also facing charges of probation violation, records show, and Shah said he's still wanted in Pennsylvania.

Queens, NY - Pigeon Drop

Three females were arrested on a live pigeon drop/found money scam in Queens. The defendants approached an elderly female and claimed they found $100,000 in a bag. The female was offered to share the findings in exchange for bringing equity to them.

Maitland, FL - Tree Trimming Scam

An 85-year-old Maitland woman said she fears a large oak in her backyard might one day come down during a storm, so when a couple walked up to her house offering to trim it for her, she agreed. She didn't realize she was about to be scammed out of thousands of dollars by a fraudulent tree-trimming service — again. Maitland police say the woman, was scammed out of $20,000 two years ago by a man offering the same tree-trimming service.

July 2015

Portland, OR - Charity Scam/Trust Game

Elderly victim scammed out of $6,000 by the suspect contacting the victim and asking to help him "Give away two million dollars."

Casa Grande, AZ - Auto Body Repair

Elderly residents targeted by Casa Grande man scammed out of thousands of dollars for auto body repair scams.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ - Roofing Scam

78-year-old victim ripped off for $4,300 in roof repair scam.

Upper Darby, PA - Pigeon Drop

75-year-old woman scammed out of $3,000 in Pigeon Drop scam.

Belleville, IL - Home Repair Fraud

Elderly person bilked out of $500 for promised home repairs and perpetrator sentenced in five years in prison.

Westford, MA - Grandchild in Distress

Elderly victim scammed out of $6,000 in Grandchild in Distress scam.

Plymouth Township, PA - Charity Game/Handkerchief Switch

An 83-year-old victim was approached by two males who stated they were from Africa and wanted to exchange African to American currency but was not able to. He conned the victim into giving them the $1,000 she had in her purse. When she entered the bank, presumably to withdraw more money and to provide a receipt, the scammers had fled.

Pittsburgh, PA - Distraction Burglary/Auto Purchase Ruse

An elderly male had a vehicle for sale in his front yard, and an unknown female knocked on his door and asked him to step outside because she was interested in buying the car. The victim said that after ten to fifteen minutes, he grew suspicious of the female and told her he was returning to the house. He said that the female attempted to step in front of him and ask him more questions about the vehicle, and he told her to come back another time. The victim returned inside and later discovered dresser drawers open in the bedroom and a large amount of money missing.

Brooklyn, NY - Fortune Telling Fraud

A Brooklyn man running a psychic scam has bilked elderly Mid-Westerners out of thousands of dollars, according to officials in Iowa. On average, the victims mailed $176 - but taking the bait exposed the marks to more scams, according to the Iowa attorney general.

Keymar, MD - Driveway Seal Coating Scam

Two suspects approached an elderly couple about seal coating their driveway. When the job was completed, the victims got the agreed upon amount of money from their safe. After paying the suspects, the elderly victims discovered that the safe had been ransacked and a large amount of money and several Bank bags were missing.

Acton, MA - Diamond Sale Scam

An Asian female entered an antique store looking to sell a diamond pendant. Shortly after this female entered the store, a male and female entered. The male immediately made his way over to the store owner and female looking to sell the diamond. The shop owner, an elderly female, had tested the pendant and it showed to be a moissanite. The male party then advised he was interested in the gem and related that he was a certified gemologist. He then asked the owner for her testing kit and tested the gem. It now showed to be a diamond. The owner eventually paid this female $3,300 by check and the male party related he would be back to pay her $6,000 the following week.

Ross Township, PA - Distraction Burglary/Lot Line Ruse

An 82-year-old female, working in her yard was approached by a male in his 50s. The male stated he was putting a fence in her neighbor's yard and wanted her to show him the property line. He distracted her for about 20 minutes. She later discovered that unknown person(s) had entered her residence and stole a safe from the basement. The safe contained $170,000 cash and savings bonds.

June 2015

Decatur, GA - Roofing Scam

Two brothers who were convicted of swindling senior citizens in a roofing scam have been given 20-year sentences and ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution. The victims paid more than $40,000 for work valued at less than $1,500.

Pittsburgh - Utility Employee Impostors/Water Department Ruse

A couple was targeted by scam artists who were pretending to be utility workers. The victim said his 88-year-old, nearly-blind mother and 86-year-old, handicapped stepfather answered a knock at the door and it was a man who identified himself as a water company worker. While that man kept the victim's mother occupied in the basement, several other men went to his stepdad's bedroom, told him to get up out of bed and turn the faucets on and off in the bathroom. When finished, the victim noticed that the bedroom was ransacked, and about $2,000 in cash was stolen along with his mother's jewelry collection.

Milwaukee - Roofing Scam Series

Elderly victims scammed out of more than $1 million from fake contractors. One elderly victim lost to theft, over $900,000 in cash, certificates of deposit, and HH bonds.

Tallahassee - Home Repair Scam

Elderly individuals scammed out of money for work not completed. Suspect wanted on charges of exploitation of the elderly, organized scheme to defraud between $20,000 and $50,000, larceny up to $50,000 from a person 65 or older and unlicensed contracting.

Lafayette, IN - Home Improvement Scam Suspect Sentenced

Suspect sentenced to 15 years at the Department of Corrections for scamming more than $53,000 from senior citizens.

Montgomery County, MD - Distraction Burglaries/Utility Employee Impostors

Seniors ranging in age from 78 to 89 years old were victims of utility employee. impostors in three separate incidents, who distracted them while stealing credit cards and other valuables.

Orange, VA - Home Repair (Seal Coating)

Elderly victim conned into writing a check for $6,800 for spraying seal coat on about 100 yards of the driveway along with adjoining concrete and the hoods of the cars in the carport.

Kennebunkport, MA - Home Repair

89-year-old conned into paying $5,000 for work that was never performed.

Henrico County, VA - Home Repair (Foundation Spray Coating)

80-year-old refused to pay for men who spray coated the foundation of the house without authorization.

Wisconsin & Minnesota - Burglary (Ruse Entry Burglaries & Roofing Scam)

A group traveling throughout Wisconsin (and Minnesota) has scammed elderly victims into thinking they are roofing contractors. Instead, they distract the victims and steal credit cards, money, jewelry and safes. Losses to date are over $1,000,000.

Liberty Lake, WA - Elder Exploitation (Grand Theft by Police Imposter)

An elderly couple were targeted by a man who claimed he was an LAPD detective and asked for their help in an investigation designed to arrest identity thieves. In the end, they lost their entire life savings, nearly $500,000.

Chicago - Sweetheart Swindle

86-year-old victim swindled out of more than $1.2 million over several years under a Sweetheart Swindle.

Newburyport, MA - Home Repair

90-year-old swindled out of $2,000 for seal coating and other home repair services; and the victim's residence cased for later theft where money and other items were stolen.

Bridgewater, NJ - Bunco

Elderly victim of Child in Distress scammed out of $6,000 in cash and jewelry.

Queens, NY - Distraction Theft

Elderly couple scammed by persons who claimed that they were from a local hospital and wanted to check on the elderly couple's daughter who had recently been to that hospital. The scammers stole a wallet and jewelry.

Sylvania, OH - Home Repair

Elderly residents scammed out of $5,600 for home repair services.

Lafayette, IN - Theft

Senior citizens scammed out of money and their vacuum cleaners by a con artist telling them their vacuums had been recalled. They would take the vacuums for repair and not return them.

Montgomery County, AL - Bunco

74-year-old taken for thousands of dollars in a Grandchild in Distress scam.

Kenner, LA - Pigeon Drop

Scammers attempted a Pigeon Drop scam on a 70-year-old woman who got suspicious, fled and called law enforcement who made an arrest.

May 2015

Limerick Township, PA - Driveway Paving

Traveling criminals were aggressive to an elderly victim in order to repave his driveway. They proceeded without the resident's approval.

Danvers, ME - Tree Trimming Scam

Charged an elder $6,525 to trim trees using a bait and switch tactic.

Lake Worth, FL - Distraction Burglary / Tree Trimming Scam

Elderly female approached to trim trees and in the process another person entered her house and stole jewelry.

Bloomington, IL - Home Repair

Elderly victim approached by two scammers soliciting work for gutter repairs left without doing any work. The victim said the two men distracted her to steal her jewelry.

Dallas, TX - Theft / Auto Repair / Wobbly Wheel Scam

On the pretext of a wobbly wheel, a 77-year-old female was distracted by scammers in order to steal cash from her purse.

Dallas, TX - Auto Repair / Distraction Burglary

Elder approached by several persons who offered to help carry groceries and repair damage to the victim.s vehicle. After they left the victim's home, items were discovered missing from the bedroom.

Atoka, OK - Distraction Burglary / Driveway Repair

An elderly woman in Atoka was scammed out of $10,000. In a matter of two hours she lost $10,000 in cash to two men who said they wanted to help fix her driveway.

Stamford, CT - Auto Repair / Elder Exploitation

Over a period of eight months, the 88-year-old victim was scammed out of $138,000 for escalating auto repairs. Perpetrator as sentenced to ten years.

Shalersville Township, OH - Distraction Burglary / Tree Trimming

After discussing tree trimming with the burglars, the elderly victim discovered $21,000 stolen from a safe.

Toronto, ON (Canada) - Distraction Theft / Purse Theft

A 78-year-old female), made a bank withdrawal of $990. As the victim left for home, she made a stop at the market across the street. All the female suspects in this matter, adult and two youths, followed the victim into the market. The victim then left and continued toward her home address and one of the perpetrators fell to the ground faking an injury. The victim attempted to help and later discover her purse with the $990 was missing.

Vancouver, BC (Canada) - Distraction Theft

Police have received information that a crime group involved in distraction thefts and robberies is planning on coming to the Vancouver area. These groups often travel from city to city and province to province to commit their crimes. The Vancouver Police are concerned target victims who are wearing gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings and are elderly men and women from the Asian, South Asian and Italian communities.

Stamford, CT - Elder Exploitation / Home Repair Fraud

A couple was arrested Wednesday and charged with scamming a pair of elderly women out of over $40,000 for general home and car repairs which turned out to be sub-standard and posed a danger to the elderly women.

Sharpes, FL - Fortune Telling Fraud

Elderly victim defrauded out of $220,000 for the so-called psychic to protect the victim's health, help her communicate with her ex-husband and remove an evil magic spell from her children.

Haywood County, NC - Distraction Burglary / Lot Line Scam

A 91-year-old woman says she was recently approached by a man pretending to be interested in her property line. While he lured her away from her door, someone else went inside and stole her wallet.

Kennebunkport, ME - Home Repair Scam

An elderly victim in Kennebunk was scammed out of more than $13,000 for fraudulent activity.

Honolulu, HI - Microsoft Scam / Sweepstakes Scam / Grandparent Scam

Seniors in Hawaii being subjected to an increase in frauds and scams.

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